American David Whitlock stopped to wash 12 years ago, he was sure, his body is completely cleaned with beneficial bacteria.

Chemist from America not to clean for 12 years and I am sure that his body is

Here is a small excerpt from his theory. People too often bathe and every day wash away from the surface of the body of useful bacteria. If you stop doing it, then the resulting colony will be able to absorb all the sweat and dirt deposited on the skin. The process can be greatly accelerated if independently to settle the useful strains of bacteria.

The bacteria produce nitric oxide, which has strong oxidizing properties. David Whitlock gives the example of the ancient people, who had a stronger immune system. However, he mentions that their life expectancy was about 30-35 years.

The chemist found the staff – company AOBiome. Together they produced an ointment with special bacteria. The manufacturer advises to apply extra skin care. To take the risk and call to completely abandon the soul of the company is not advised.

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