Chelyabinsk scientists are going to solve the mystery of the human DNA

In Chelyabinsk has a device that can decode human DNA. He finds on the basis of one of commercial medical laboratories independent of Chelyabinsk. The device is based on lie methods of persecutione. They should help scientists to understand the reasons for the development of many diseases.

To decode the first genome, scientists took more than three billion dollars and 17 years of research. The modern method is relatively cheap, and for obtaining a genetic map a resident of the Urals is no longer necessary to go to Moscow or abroad.

The study of genes is an important direction in modern medicine. Most diseases are somehow related to changes in genes. Correcting the genome, scientists believe, you can achieve results in the field of Oncology and a number of other important medical fields.

The unit itself was manufactured in Germany, the purchase price reached more than 8 million rubles. Russian scientists hope to succeed in the field of domestic genetics.

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