Cheese – food drug, scientists say

Researchers from the University of Michigan amounted to an unexpected list. It consists entirely of foods that can cause true drug addiction. About it writes The Times of India.

Topping the list is the pizza. The secret is in the cheese fat varieties. Scientists believe that casein, which is included with almost all cheeses, has narcotic properties. "Casein is cleaved during the digestion process and secretes a whole set of opiates, known as casomorphine" says Dr. Neal Barnard.

Casomorphine have affinity for the opioid receptors. Such interaction improves mood and reduces the feeling of pain. In the same way acting morphine with cocaine and alcohol.

Milk and most other dairy products in such a property does not have casein in milk and in the production of one kilogram of cheese you need more than 10 liters of whole milk.

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