Cheap way to quit Smoking

Now smokers can buy inexpensive medicine that will help them to get rid of dependence, although it is not as effective as expensive tools, which are sold in the United States. Researchers from University College London conducted a study involving 740 Polish smokers. Part of or in the course of the month took tsitizin and some a placebo. After a year of 8.4 participants who tsitizin not returned to the cigarette, while among placebo healthy lifestyle adhered to only 2.4 percent.

Although tsitizin much less effective than varenicline, whose result under equal conditions equal to 20 percent. However, it may cause side effects suicidal thoughts, depression, and the cost of the monthly course of treatment equal hundred dollars. Tsitizin same four weeks of treatment will cost the poles just $ 15, and the Russians - 6.

Work tsitizina based on simulation of nicotine receptors in the brain take acetylcholine for nicotine. Low cost tsitizina makes this method of dealing with Smoking attractive to smokers in countries with low income.

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