Cheap healthy food can save millions of lives – experts

A group of scientists appealed to the U.S. authorities with a proposal to reduce the cost on healthy food. Now, probably everyone knows about the harm of fast food, excess of fried and starchy food in the diet. However, even this does not help many countries in the fight against obesity, which the doctors regarded as the most dreaded diseases: heart disease and cancer.

It is possible that a change of pricing policy for fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as the increase in the price of soda with burgers affect the environment with obesity. State support, experts consider, will render an invaluable contribution to the health of the nation. If changes to the pricing really make, this will be a great example for other countries.

The reduction in the price of fruit and vegetables by just 10% can reduce the number of deaths from diseases of the cardiovascular system 1.2 percent over five years. Hundreds of thousands and millions of lives saved. In 20 years, the mortality is expected to decline at 2%.

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