Charging sterilizer will kill any bacteria on the surface of the phone

Ultraviolet radiation has a powerful antibacterial action. Physicians use this knowledge in practice. Experts from the field of mobile development joined them and created the world's first phone charger, disinfecting the gadget. The device was simple to use and completely safe. About it writes The Daily Mail.

The developer charging company PhoneSoap talks about his device. It is equipped with two UV lamps and built-in charging. Ultraviolet rays kill pathogenic bacteria on the surface of the phone and its holes.

Stands the novelty of American scientists about 60 dollars and it supports almost all phone models. Processing gadget from bacteria takes only 4 minutes. Once the decontamination process is completed, the blue indicator lights up. Note the importance of developing, phones on the degree of contamination by bacteria can compete only with public toilets and keyboards of personal computers.

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