Changes in DNA cause physical exercise and caffeine

Exercise can not only change the appearance of man, but also significantly affect its DNA. Published in the March issue of the article, the journal Cell Metabolism, scientists from the Karolinska Institute (Sweden), argues that after only 20 minutes of exercise, the DNA molecules in the muscle tissue undergo important structural and chemical transformation. Of course, in the muscles of a person as the genetic code is not changed.

In the article we are talking about epigenetic modifications involved in the increase or loss of chemical marks on DNA and regulating muscle amino acids. These changes precede genetic recoding muscles on physical strength, but also have a connection with structural and metabolic transformation caused by athletic exertion.

Scientists their conclusions, made on the basis of observations of a group of 14 volunteers. All study participants after training on a stationary bike from the quadriceps of the front thigh samples were taken muscle tissue.

"Our muscles are, indeed, very elastic. They adapt to human activity. If they will not be used, they simply disappear", - channel SBC News quoted Dr. Julian Surat.

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Researchers noted that adopted a Cup of coffee in the morning affects our body as a small charge. Caffeine creates a simulation of muscle contraction, which is due to perform some physical activity. And although scientists directly is not recommended to drink a Cup of coffee before training, they are not excluded that those who do are doing.

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