Changes in DNA cause autism

The cause of autism is becoming a large number of changes in DNA. As RIA "Novosti", geneticists have identified 24 species of new mutations, which they recommend to introduce the basis of the screening. These changes are quite rare, but despite this, they are able to increase the risk of autistic disorder is almost two times.

These include Kanner syndrome, rett syndrome, Asperger syndrome, atypical autism and other.

It tells Hakon Hakonarson from the centre for applied genomics at children's hospital of Philadelphia, such conclusions based on the results of DNA analysis of 55 people in families, where there were people suffering from autism.

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Geneticist together with his colleagues separated the new types of gene copies, which was confirmed by further study of more than 3 thousand cases of autism. It has become clear that mutations are genes that contribute to the development of neurons and cell signaling pathways.

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