Cesarean section leads to metabolic disorders in a child

Caesarean section is a forced measure to save the baby and the mother. Recent research proves that children born in this way, in the future, have an increased risk of obesity, writes The Tekepraph. Scientists from king's College London say the risk set extra pounds increases by 26%.

The study involved 38 thousand mothers. Scientists have suggested that children born by caesarean section, deprived of useful flora of the tribal ways of the mother. In addition, the natural compression during passage through the birth canal activates a number of genes of the child. Previously it was shown that kesaryata often suffer from dysbiosis, which is substantiated by the lack of necessary bacteria. The dysbacteriosis is one of the causes of metabolic disorders.

It should be noted that premature infants born via cesarean section are at increased risk of developing asthma and diabetes of the first type. A recent study of children and mothers from 10 countries showed more frequent occurrence of obesity among children born by artificial means.

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Doctors agree that caesarean section should be appointed solely on the testimony. In the absence of such birth through natural way is safer.

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