Cervical erosion - Medi treatment

Cervical erosion is considered to be benign pathological process, which is an inflamed red areas of the mucosa, leading to rejection of the cells. Erosion occurs when there is already a process of destruction of the site of the mucous of the cervix and this place appears a little hurt. There are many causes of erosion is the consequence of abortion, trauma at birth, the presence of genital infections and hormonal disruptions of the body.

Typically, cervical erosion detects the gynecologist at survey of the patient, this is due to the fact that this pathology occurs without specific symptoms. But there are cases where erosion is evident secretions in the form of blood from the vagina. You may also experience discomfort and aching pain during intercourse.

If the doctor has already diagnosed, should not delay the time, and start treatment immediately. It should be comprehensive, first you need to get rid of the inflammation by taking antibiotics. Only then inflamed removed on the cervix. Today, there are various ways to treat erosion. Good gynaecological clinic offers a full range of modern methods of treatment of the cervix.

One of the more effective is laser removal, which ensures the highest possible accuracy of the cut and the complete preservation of tissue, while the healing process takes place without scars fast enough.

The most popular method is to freeze erosion by liquid nitrogen. He has a fairly low temperature, which contributes to the complete withering away of the sick plots at the same time, absolutely not affecting healthy cells. The process is painless and bloodless.

A fairly reliable method of treatment of this pathology is the procedure with application of electric current. After exposure to erosion, the infected cells die off and scar. But it must be remembered that this method of treatment is not recommended for women who plan to have children.

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A completely new method of treatment of cervical encompasses the impact on the affected area of radio waves. A huge advantage of this method is the lack of pain after treatment and fast recovery of the cells of the cervix. There is chemical treatment of the damaged site of special drugs, corrosive sick cells.

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