Cerebral ischemia - symptoms, causes, treatment

Human life necessary oxygen through the lungs and blood to every cell of the body. When the blockage of blood vessels, low blood circulation from the heart to every body, in which there is oxygen starvation.

When insufficient blood supply to brain tissue, and the receipt in full of oxygen and nutrients occurs cerebral ischemia. Disturbed blood flow in adults due to atherosclerosis of cerebral vessels, with obstruction of the lumen of the cerebral artery. The cause of atherosclerosis become fat deposits inside blood vessels (on the walls), thrombi occlude the lumen of the cerebral artery.

In order to avoid serious consequences such as stroke, paralysis, protects tissues and disorders of the brain, loss of speech and sensitivity, violations of General motor skills necessary to correctly diagnose the disease and in a timely manner to treat it.

The cause of cerebral ischemia in newborns is hypoxia during labor or prolonged anoxia in the womb. Hypoxia at birth is fraught with mental and physical retardation in the development of the child.

Symptoms of cerebral ischemia occur:

• A noticeable deterioration in the activity of the whole organism.

• Fatigue, both mental and physical weakness.

• A significant deterioration in memory, the advent of forgetfulness.

• Various headaches with vomiting or vomiting.

• Sudden changes of blood pressure.

• Severe dizziness, fainting.

• Disorder of sensitivity and sleep, speech and vision.

• Unreasonable irritability or nervous periodluminosity.

Methods of treatment of cerebral ischemia

1. Through surgery to remove a blood clot or atherosclerotic plaque, in case of its presence in the lumen of the cerebral artery, and in order to restore supply the brain with blood, oxygen and trace elements.

2. Applied medical therapy in parallel with the methods of folk medicine to promote blood circulation and strengthen blood vessels.

Medicines prescribed by a doctor, often the treatment perform Maxipime, Nise, NOVALIS, Agartala, Cavinton and drops Asusena, Encephalon (Pyritinol) with the addition of lipid-lowering means of Atorvastatin to reduce blood viscosity, improve endothelial function and antihypertensive drugs to protect the internal organs from damage.

It is necessary to strictly follow a diet excluding animal fats and drink infusions and decoctions of medicinal fees with the presence of St. John's wort, Melissa, Heather, fruits and leaves of black currant, chokeberry, and walnut. Help charges from the roots of Valerian, hops, herbs gryzhnika, flowers and leaves of the willow, buds, roots, licorice, Valerian, and calamus swamp.

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