Centenarians healthier younger pensioners

People who live to 100 often healthier than those that are many years younger than them, scientists have found.Study of centenarians, including in the UK, according to forecasts, will reach 500 thousand over the next several decades, showed that many of them managed to avoid many common diseases, such as cancer.Others remain in shape through healthy lifestyles in youth.However, some studies have shown that older people, currently, it is mostly women, a higher risk of degenerative diseases such as dementia and blindness.In addition, those who live to 100 years of the inclined often alone, as friends and spouses they almost always suffer at times they are going through even their own children.A new study by the International longevity centre UK studies the needs of this new growing community.Developers should help them to live independently from each other as long as possible, while energy companies should establish special rates for them, and they should participate in social activities and have access to the Internet in order to avoid isolation. The UK government plans to grant paid leave to care for parents older than 100 years.

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