Cellulose contains a compound that prevents you from overeating - the scientists

Foods that contain a lot of fiber, is really a useful component of the diet. Although cellulose is not digested, it is the introduction of the intestines, promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract. In recent studies scientists have found in the tissue substance, does not allow a person to overeat.

Data has been scientifically confirmed in experiments with mice, according to New Scientist, referring to the finding of the research group from Imperial College London.

Study author Gary frost specially fed mice with fatty foods. However, the group treated with fats, fiber, gaining weight is not as intense. During the research it was found that the acetate, the degradation product of cellulose, acts in the brain and suppresses appetite.

Because mice are classified as mammals, the data obtained in the course of the experiment, can be projected on the human body. Thus, the fiber will help people suffering from obesity and overeating. However, the amount of fiber should be really great. Therefore, scientists have thrown their hand at developing concentrate of metabolites fiber. When the product gets to the market, not yet reported.

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