Cellulite is a medical condition characterized by rough skin and the appearance of her bumps and hollows. People called cellulite "orange peel". This disease is characterized by structural changes in the subcutaneous fat layer. As a result, disturbed microcirculation and lymphatic circulation.

According to some doctors, cellulite is not a disease. He is seen as an essential characteristic features of the subcutaneous fat women.

Cellulite is characterized by the following risk factors:

1. Disorder of the peripheral circulation.

2. Disturbed endocrine background.

3. Poor diet.

4. The prevalence of sedentary lifestyles.

5. A large number of stressful situations.

6. Frequent weight fluctuations.

It is worth noting that the cellulite affected not only women are overweight. The appearance of "orange peel" is possible and slim females.

Slight signs of cellulite are a variant of norm. Note that their absence may indicate hormonal disorders. However, pronounced cellulite is a symptom of diseases of the subcutaneous fat.

In practice, faced with 4 stages of this process:

1. Pretzelosity. Characterized by slow blood flow in the capillaries, increasing their permeability, the violation of the outflow of venous and lymphatic system. We observed no visible signs of disease. In some cases there is a slight swelling of tissues.

2. The initial one. Is the accumulation of toxins and strengthening the tissue edema. Changes in the skin occur, if you take the skin in the crease or muscle tension. There is a reduced elasticity of the skin in the affected departments.

3. Micronodular. Reveals the welding of fat cells in clusters and progression of swelling and disorders of microcirculation. "Orange peel" becomes visible without conducting special tests. You can probe on the skin of small and medium-sized knots.

4. Macronodular. In tissues is swelling and disorders of the venous outflow. Due to lack of oxygen, are formed scars. On the skin are identified large sites. When they are feeling marked tenderness.

There are different anti-cellulite treatments. Of course, a very effective tool in the fight against cellulite is massage. This procedure contributes to a noticeable improvement of the skin. The lifestyle change ensures sustainability and stability of the results of anti-cellulite massage.

Also in the treatment of cellulite can make use of Jacuzzi, SPA, thalassotherapy, etc. However, the effectiveness of such procedures is quite short. In addition, they are very expensive.

There are radical ways of dealing with cellulite. We are talking about mesotherapy and hardware methods. Their use is justified only in severe cellulite. Also provides expert advice. This is due to the presence of serious contraindications. Radical methods are characterized by very high efficiency, but runtime errors such procedures is fraught with complications and health problems.

Prevention of the appearance of cellulite consists of the following measures:

1. The control of body weight.

2. A gradual reduction in physical activity.

3. Continuous monitoring of the activity of the endocrine system.

4. Proper nutrition. We are talking primarily about the refusal of fast food and reducing consumption of sweets.

5. Sports.

6. Use in the bathroom hard washcloths and scrubs.

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7. The sauna.

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