Cellulite is a disease that must be treated

The appearance of cellulite bothers many people, but almost no one knows what this disease. Previously, he was suffering mostly women, today more and more men notice this problem. The main affected area cellulite is the belly, hands, forearms, buttocks, hips, bottoms and thighs. About what problem has occurred, to know is very simple - when pressed on the skin appear tubercles.

Methods of getting rid of cellulite

Today, a lot of specialized clinics offer their services for the treatment of cellulite. Developed a set of procedures: the use of ultrasonic professional equipment, limfodrenazh, electrical stimulation, and much more for the prevention and treatment of this disease.

But in addition to clinical methods, widespread and folk remedies for cellulite reduction: gel or mud wrap, anti-cellulite massage and more. If you combine exercise, cosmetics and nutrition, you can get a good result. But, as in the treatment of any disease, it is first necessary to understand the reasons of its appearance.

Basically, the appearance of cellulite says that a person has a predisposition to it at the genetic level, but there are some factors that can cause it: pregnancy, endocrinopathy, circulatory disorders, hormonal, unbalanced diet, venous insufficiency. Also: lack of exercise, alcohol abuse, sedentary life, mental workload, coffee, drugs and Smoking. Still, when the passivity of lipase (the enzyme that provides the hydrolysis of triglycerides to break down into fatty acids and glycerol).

Still, the main cause of this disease is in the blood circulation, leading to deterioration of the microcirculation and the defeat of the capillaries. In this case the permeability of the capillary walls become more so as they are depleted. And starts to happen the transformation of the plasma in the connective tissue. There are four stages of cellulite. Remember that treatment should be started at the first signs of a problem.

Time to take action, watch your diet and health, exercise and no cellulite you will not be able to overcome! Love yourself, your body and the world around you!

The article was prepared jointly with the site lechenie-cellulita.ru.

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