Caution: the coming epidemic of fungal diseases

The fungus, which annually in hospitals catches the majority of patients become resistant to the last pollenization drugs.

Relatively harmless to humans fungus Candida Albicans can be fatal for patients with a weakened immune system. If you have weakened the protection of the fungus moves from the intestines into the blood, colonising cardiostimulatory, artificial joints, catheters, attacks the organs. He has the ability to evolve and develop resistance to drugs.

Today against fungus used a range of drugs known as echinocandin, they attack producing sugar enzyme and does not allow the fungus to grow. However, at the autumn conference of Microbiology Dr. Carol Munro from the University of Aberdeen said that if the fungus is not killed by a drug at one time, he develops a resistance to this kind of medication, changing the structure of the cells, and therefore the infection continues to spread.

In 2009 the UK was registered 1500 cases of systemic ( penetration of the fungus in the blood). The fungus Candida Albicans body contains more than 60 percent of healthy people, but most do not experience any symptoms and don't even know it. However, if the immune system has been weakened by HIV, cancer, organ transplants, the fungus can penetrate into the blood.

Often different methods of treatment of fungus are applied too late, leading to death due to excessive growth of opportunistic Candida. Microbiologists from Imperial College London believe that disabling certain proteins can stop the spread of fungus.

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