Caution! Melon is the cause of listeriosis

The U.S. government announced that from outbreaks of listeriosis contained in melons, can be killed many people. Until the outbreak of listeriosis struck only 72 people, but in 18 States, which indicates the prevalence of dangerous melons.

The government warns that the oats ,acquired melons from Jensen Farms in Colorado should throw them away and do not have. But farming did not put a list of retailers, which it delivered the goods, so to learn about the origin of the melon is the business of the consumer. Dangerous melons can be marked with a sticker or Colorado, just to sell can be from 1500 to 4.5 million dangerous fruit. These figures suggest that death from listeriosis is sounded throughout the country, will not be the last this year.

Employees of the Ministry of health noted that this is the first known outbreak of Listeria in cantaloupe. Usually the disease is in the meat or unpasteurized milk and cheese, although it happened to find it in other products.

Listeriosis usually affects pregnant women, the elderly and all with a weakened immune system. The average age zabolevanii approaching 78 years. Unlike many pathogenic bacteria Listeria grow at room temperature and even in the refrigerator, they are quite hardy. For a long time to linger on surfaces where was your product. Officially reported 13 deaths, because people with strong immune systems can consume your product without consequences for the organism.

The most significant outbreak of listeriosis was recorded in the USA in 1935, killing 42 of the 148 patients revealed.

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