Causes of vaginal dryness and the treatment process

Vaginal dryness is more likely a symptom of characterizing one of the many possible diseases. Dry means irritation occurs, accompanied by discomfort. Often this problem faced by women during menopause. As a rule, any inconvenience ladies feel during intercourse because of vaginal dryness does not allow partners to relax and fully enjoy the process.

We can distinguish different causes of such problems. In any case, the body manifests a lack of the hormone estrogen, which controls the level of humidity. So, as mentioned above, the most common cause is menopause in women. However, vaginal dryness may be a consequence of childbirth or surgery in the genital area. In addition, with this consequence facing women undergoing treatment for cancer with chemotherapy. It is understood that the use of any hormonal drug will lead to the violation of the established balance. Less likely to have vaginal dryness in autoimmune or allergic disease, frequent douching, the use of separate categories of antidepressants or anti-cold drugs.

To deal with emerging disease immediately, so you need to consult a qualified doctor, who will prescribe the proper treatment of dry vagina. Usually the process of treating vaginal dryness is based on restoring hormonal balance by artificial introduction of the hormone estrogen. As a rule, gynecologist provides a choice of several options, for example, the use of vaginal rings, creams or tablets. Each of the methods of treatment gives women some inconvenience, but the full course of treatment necessary for recovery.

Until now, scientists could not come to a consensus about how long-term estrogen therapy is safe for the body condition and health of women in General. Their doubts confirms the possibility of side effects. Every doctor is obliged to notify the Manager of the patient. In some cases, the introduction of estrogen can cause pain in the chest, and even bleeding. Timely access to a specialist will get rid of the torments of discomfort in the shortest possible time.

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