Causes of stretch marks and ways to address them

Proper care will help to overcome from stretch marks, otherwise they are called stretch marks. Problems appear when a sudden weight gain. The skin is not able to be stretched to the desired size, rip, and after that have scars, which we call stretch marks. Most often they appear in pregnant women, and their favorite place is the chest and abdomen.

There are certain causes terrible Burgundy or white stripes on the skin.

1. Hormonal changes. Hormones control almost all processes in the body. Growing up, the girl may discover on your body stretch in the chest, abdomen, thighs, and sometimes on the hands. Quite often marks indicate failures in the endocrine system. Therefore, immediately after the first appearance of stretch marks it is advisable to immediately consult a doctor. The hospital will identify problems related to hormones, and prescribe treatment.

2. Strong pressure on the skin. Pregnant girls often notice a strong stretching the skin of the abdomen, chest and thighs. Stripes Burgundy may be present in very large quantities, because the body does not have time to cope with a large load. The same happens when a sudden weight loss or weight gain.

Unfortunately, stretch marks cannot be completely eradicated, you can only make them less noticeable. Of course, you can lie on the table of the surgeon, which is quite expensive and also very dangerous to health. The complete elimination of stretch marks is only possible if you start a regular skin care when they first appearance and even in advance. For example, in early pregnancy, it is recommended that from the first months to buy a cream for stretch marks. Well, if your stretch marks have appeared, and very noticeable, you can make them less noticeable with certain treatments and cosmetics.

1. Oil. For stretch marks removal best oil - olive or almond. You just need to put more of them on the problem areas massage movements, repeating the procedure every night.

2. Ice. Prepare a special solution. This requires one tablespoon of salt dissolved in a glass of boiling water. Wait until the salt water to cool and pour into a mold to freezing. Wipe this tool problem skin twice a day.

3. The honey. A couple of tablespoons of honey to mix with crushed flakes of oatmeal. This slurry was applied to the problem areas and keep for half an hour, then massaging for a minute and rinse-off with cool water. Procedure do at least twice a week.

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Take care of yourself and be healthy.

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