Causes of stretch marks and how to fight them

To verify the prevalence of such phenomena as stretch marks (medical name - striae) it is enough to visit the beach, where women in all their glory are his body blazing sun and the eyes of tourists. The white stripes on the abdomen, Breasts, hips is a stretch. Every girl wants to find the best remedy for stretch marks to quickly get rid of them, but first you need to determine the causes of stretch marks.

One of the main causes of stretch marks are hormonal "shake-up", the first of which reach all during adolescence. The second significant period of pregnancy, in which, in addition to hormonal "shocks" to the formation of stretch marks promotes physical factor (increasing your thighs, stomach, mammary glands). During intense weight gain, the skin is exposed to excessive voltage, which causes maloestetichnoy striae.

If stretch marks appear outside periods of unstable weight and hormonal troubles, it should be alerted. Multiple banners throughout the body can signal such a dangerous disease, such as Cushing's syndrome. If fat in a short time moved upwards, appeared excessive pilosis and stretch marks, then you must visit an endocrinologist. The occurrence of any problems in the body - the reason for the visit!

The body cannot afford to leave intradermal breaks "nezadelannyh", he is covering the "gap" connective tissue, as in the healing of wounds received due to injury. Especially noticeable stretch marks are on the beach, as the connective tissue devoid of pigment. Damaged areas do not tan.

Stretch marks are easier to prevent than to deal with them. Prevention of stretch marks is a time - consuming process, but it is still more efficient than a struggle with the existing changes.

Be sure to stabilize your weight. The appearance of stretch marks can cause not only an increase, but a sharp decline in body mass. You must follow the diet. Eat sweet, flour and other kinds of carbohydrate food should be in moderation, but foods that contain proteins and vitamins, will fall by the way. Reasonably should be addressed to sports. Special care is required at the first class on the program of stretching.

To prevent the appearance of stretch marks in pregnant women need during pregnancy and immediately after apply bandages. The place of the alleged occurrence of stretch marks before going to sleep should be lubricated with vegetable oil or a fatty cream. Nursing moms need to wear a bra.

You should not abandon the use of special cosmetics. As a rule, "interactieve" cream and serum is silicone, nourishing and moisturizing agents, natural collagen and elastin. These creams, which cost several times higher than normal moisturizing, carried out by the firms that specialize in professional cosmetics: Lierac, Phytomer, Gernetic, Galenic, Biotherm, Vichy and other

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