Causes of sinusitis and its treatment

It is clear that inflammation of the maxillary sinuses is not simply due to the common cold. However, it is often cold triggers the disease is inflammation. Colds in the human body gets the many hostile infections. Some of them fall into the maxillary sinus. The result is inflammation of the sinuses, which is called sinusitis.

The first signs of inflammation may serve as a runny nose that lasts more than 4 days. During the application of therapeutic droplets rhinitis does not pass, and improvements usually do not last long and quickly pass. From the nose at this point, it can produce a purulent mucus with an unpleasant odor. By the way unpleasant smell from the nose is one of the most obvious signs that a purulent inflammation of the sinuses progresses and need, urgently, to start treatment. Note also stands on severe headaches immediately above the nose between the eyes. To determine sinusitis is also using a tactile inspection. Eyelid swelling, dermatitis, directly next to the nasal passage, as well as severe pain when touching the area of the maxillary sinus may indicate inflammation.

Sinusitis is a disease that can lead to dangerous complications. Meningitis, inflammation of the trigeminal nerve, and a more serious outcome getting pus directly into the human brain are only some of the possible complications. This is a compelling reason not to treat sinusitis on their own, and still consult a doctor.

Treatment of sinusitis usually spend the same (traditional) methods. For the treatment of inflammation, you need to remove the swelling of the maxillary sinus, for free flow of purulent secretions and excretion of sinus infection. To achieve this goal, along with a comprehensive therapy used washing method "cuckoo". Using sinus catheter can be removed purulent discharge, gathered in the maxillary sinuses and to enter special solutions. In severe cases of sinusitis, the patient can be shown to surgical intervention.

One of the most frequently asked questions asked by patients is: "is it possible to heat the nose, with sinusitis?". If the patient warm nose during exacerbation, such a procedure can only increase the inflammation of the sinuses and cause more swelling. Sometimes wanting to help your body, the patient makes it worse, causing meningitis or the appearance of an abscess.

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