Causes of prostate cancer

The biggest risk factor of prostate cancer is age. The threat of the first symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia occurs around the age of 45 years and increases in subsequent years. Hormonal changes play a very important role here. Although there were not so many cases of prostate cancer in men before the age of 40, you should take into account the important fact that this type of the disease of modern man tends to rejuvenation.

Another important and absolutely on us independent cause of prostatitis and other prostate disease is hereditary and familial factor. Prostate cancer is inherited mostly in a straight line (i.e. the son of the father). The presence of prostate cancers with relatives in the family (especially from the likes of brothers) increases almost twice the chance of developing the disease.

The occurrence of benign prostatic hyperplasia is often associated with race. It usually occurs in men of African descent, rarely men of the yellow race.

And now a few words about other risks of diseases of the prostate. You should meet with them, if only because we can consciously minimized.

The way power is directly related to risk of prostate disease. The disease can cause:

too high content of animal products in the diet,

consumption of foods with high degree of processing and containing a large amount of toxic substances (fertilizers, preservatives),

the insufficient amount of fresh, organic vegetables,

a diet with low content of mineral salts and fatty acids,

- the consumption of chemically contaminated water,

- Smoking or alcohol abuse.

You may think that nothing special here. Such recommendations you hear constantly, and there is no reason to take them seriously. Maybe so, maybe a little differently. If you so often hear it, it's worth at least a little to think about. Prostate problems are actually only one of many catastrophic consequences of reckless power mode.

Your lifestyle can also prevent or, conversely, cause of prostate cancer. So, increase the risk of disease can:

- a lack of physical exercise,

- decreased physical activity, caused by age,

ignoring the sport,

- sedentary work and passive recreation after work,

- low culture of health, erratic power supply, lack of mandatory preventive examinations, compliance with preventive care (even those people who have a genetic predisposition to these diseases),

- work in places where there are specific risk factors that contribute to the development of cancer (chemical industry, nuclear energy and so on).

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You must remember that the life you have only one, and the other will not. And to a large extent depends only on you a choice: to prevent disease or to spend the rest of his life for his treatment.

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