Causes of miscarriage

Spontaneous termination of pregnancy up to 20 weeks is called a terrible word "miscarriage". And after 20 weeks this phenomenon is called premature birth. The etiology of the threat of miscarriage is quite diverse: the pathological structure of the uterine disorders at the genetic, hormonal, immunological level, infectious diseases, frequent stress.

According to statistics, the most frequent cause of abortion - disorders at the genetic level. It can be hereditary pathology, and a single mutation. As a rule, miscarriage occurs in the early stages of pregnancy, and to keep the pregnancy is almost impossible, because the fetus is in most cases impractical.

Under hormonal disorders mean excessive amounts of male hormones, thyroid problems, lack of so-called pregnancy hormone - androgen. In the case of timely detection of hormonal problems (before conception) should conduct medication during pregnancy planning. But already in pregnancy, if the patient has timely appealed for help to the experts, you can avoid miscarriage.

Some pathology in the immune system it is also easy to prevent. For example, when a negative rhesus the factor in women may be a situation rhesus-conflict with fruit with a positive RH factor. Timely introduction into the blood of certain medication will suppress antibodies.

Defects in the structure of the uterus or premature opening of the cervix can be treated in some cases with medical, surgical or non-surgical treatment in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Of sexually transmitted infections, if early detection is better to cure before conception. The thing is that these infections can be a cause for the miscarriage, causing infection of the amniotic fluid and the fetus. In case of infections after pregnancy, their treatment will be possible only after 18 weeks under strict medical supervision.

The threat to the fetus are infectious or chronic diseases. They can reduce the viability of the fetus or complicate the pregnancy. As possible to protect yourself from contact with possible virus carriers. The presence of chronic disease is an indication for support or, in some cases, medical therapy.

Stress factors, the presence of harmful habits, unbalanced nutrition also adversely affect pregnancy. It should be possible to exclude or limit the impact of these factors on the body before conception.

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Only a gynecologist can determine the threat of miscarriage. He will do this only on the basis of medical examinations. Therefore, self-diagnosis and treatment not only illegal, but also threatens to appearance terrible, irreparable consequences. When bleeding accompanied by pain in the abdomen or lower back, you should immediately contact your gynecologist.

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