Causes of mastitis and possible complications

On various online forums are real "fights" about whether the breast in the future to be reborn in cancer. Some cry that this is not possible, other scare stories about the inevitable rebirth of these "knobs". So what is this disease and what consequences it can bring?

It's all in the hormones


When the background stress is developing a hormonal imbalance, begin neuroendocrine disorders or more simply - breast. Every month a woman's body prepares for a potential pregnancy, and at this time is the development of a large number of hormones of estrogen.

As a result, cells in the mammary glands begin to share. That is why the breast before menstruation slightly swells, becomes very sensitive and even hurts. But as soon as menstruation begins - is the release of the hormone progestogen which stops the growth of cells, and chest again becomes normal.

It is here that the problem arises. When there is insufficient generation progestogen not all cells are suppressed, and in the chest there is a small seal, which is called the breast. If you are diagnosed with breast, the treatment should be started immediately.


Often the cause of mastitis is becoming a well-known hormone prolactin. The body of a young girl he needed for breast growth during puberty, and the female for milk production during lactation period. However, if women after age 25, which is currently not pregnant, there is excessive secretion of prolactin can begin to develop breast.

"Wrong" estrogen

Incorrect call it, because this hormone is under the influence of some factors can change and mutate. Mutation of estrogen in the body is rapid cell division that leads to the formation of the seals.

Can the breast in the future develop into cancer?

In fact, the breast is benign seal, which is formed by abnormal growth of cells. Like any education, it requires regular examination by a gynecologist and mammologist.

The vast majority of studies in the field of medicine suggests that the breast may not grow into a malignant tumor. This disease is serious, but not as dangerous as cancer.

However, some experts still warn that time is not cured breast in future may cause the development of breast cancer.

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Treatment of mastitis is assigned only to competent professional, as this disease has several types, each of which holds a specific therapeutic action.

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