Causes of headache

Headache can be caused by various reasons, these include diseases and different kind of tension, here's the checklist:


When you can't breathe through the nose, because he laid down, you feel an unbearable headache, the cause may be an inflammatory process in the mucosa lining the cavity of the skull, through which passes the air. In order to remove the discomfort, you need to be in a fairly warm room and take aspirin or paracetamol. If after taking the tablet you will not get any easier, then after 48 hours you should consult a doctor who can help you find a vasodilator medication or antibiotics.

Muscle tension in the cervical area

Very often, after reading the book or after a busy day you have a headache. The cause of your discomfort can be muscle tension in the neck area, which could be obtained in the uncomfortable position of either too concentrated attention in the work period.

In order to prevent such condition when reading you need to take the most advantageous location and make sure to provide adequate lighting. It is useful to periodically break and relax for two to five minutes.

Temporal arteritis diagnostics

The headache in temples may be in the convulsions of the carotid artery. Due to the negative impact on the nerves, which are located in the walls of blood vessels, there is a feeling of headache in the temples. In such cases it is necessary to take non-steroidal anti - inflammatory drug-any drug that comprises ibuprofen.

When raising or lowering blood pressure

In some cases, may be a headache when you have hypotension or hypertension. Often a headache in the occipital part of the head is expressed in the period of hypertensive crisis. To avoid headaches, you need to measure your blood pressure, then take a suitable drug, stabilizing the pressure.


The most common cause unbearable headaches include stress, poor sleep or a strain. To improve the condition need a good rest and sleep.

In almost all cases, a slight headache shoot, adhering to the subsequent recommendations:

you need to take aspirin or paracetamol;

- drink plenty of fluids;

- you must take a relaxing warm bath;

- relax in a darkened and quiet room.

According to the materials

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