Causes of disease and treatment

Stomatitis is a rather unpleasant disease. Even despite the fact that ulcers on the mucous membrane in the mouth after some time disappear, however, need treatment to avoid the risk of complications and to facilitate the course of the disease at the moment. Today the disease to heal completely impossible, but there are many ways and products that can permanently stop the disease. There are a variety of medications, home methods and special means.

Stomatitis may occur in adults and in children. If you find stomatitis, treatment should be initiated immediately, but not as an adult. The first thing to do when suffering from disease is to visit your dentist who will choose the most suitable option for treatment and will tell you how to cure the disease.

Avoid using toothpastes that contain lauric sodium sulphate, as they can provoke disease and significantly complicate the process of its development.

Ulcers that appear during illness, very painful, they greatly complicate the process of food intake and cause discomfort during conversational speech. To alleviate the suffering can help medications that contain anesthetics, such as lidocaine or benzocaine. You can apply the toothpaste with the anesthetic, she will create on the ulcer protective film. Sometimes the healing of ulcers complicated by the fact that the formation of plaque on the mucous membrane, which hampers the treatment. To avoid this, you need to use for rinsing the oral cavity with special rinses with chlorhexidine.

If the causative agent of the disease is some kind of virus, you need to apply an anti-virus tool. This can be oxolinic or Bonavena ointment.

To speed up the healing of ulcers stomatitis, you need to use products that can form on the sores protective film, which in turn will protect from the influence of mechanical and various irritants. Such drugs include propranolol ointment, Kartalin, sea buckthorn and rosehip.

Most often, the disease develops on the background of reduced immunity, which is why many experts advise in the course of treatment to include specific Immunostimulants.

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If possible, avoid mechanical damage of the mucous membranes of the mouth, as this is one of the first causes of stomatitis. Deformed seals; the sharp edge of the crumbled tooth, touching the cheek; the protruding parts of the braces can cause disease.

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