Causes of dandruff

We constantly see and hear advertisements for anti-dandruff, however, about the reasons of its appearance know very little. This knowledge gap can be caused by incorrect selection means to combat dandruff.

First of all dandruff is a manifestation of the internal problems of the body. Causes can be many. First of all it is improper handling of the hair: the frequent use of hair dryer, varnishes and gels for hair. Cause dandruff can poor diet, diet, nervous tension, fatigue and many other reasons.

On the skin there are a lot of microorganisms and fungi. During normal operation of the body the whole system coexist quite peacefully. However, it is necessary to take a bad turn any part of the mechanism, as it is manifested in other parts. This disorder of the system and contributes to dandruff.

On the scalp are living fungi that feed on Cerezyme secreted by the sebaceous glands. As soon as the violation occurs in the sebaceous glands, fungi begin to multiply quickly, thereby violating the natural metabolism of the skin. Dead skin cells are produced too quickly, not having time to slip away from the scalp, forming dandruff.

Most often, such a violation in the sebaceous glands occurs during adolescence, when hormonal changes. At this age may receive acne, which is also associated with malfunction of the sebaceous glands.

Manufacturers of anti-dandruff create drugs in two directions: some of them focus on antifungal components, others for cleansing. Greater effect in the fight against dandruff can be achieved by combining these tools, or using means of combined action.

Folk medicine has not spared the problem of dandruff. To combat oily dandruff use lemon juice, aloe Vera juice, castor oil, garlic. Very useful for scalp dyes of natural origin, such as henna, or ash.

However, the mere use of drugs and shampoos for dandruff will not give long term results. To establish need the whole body. Therefore, in the fight against dandruff, you need to include proper nutrition, and adequate sleep.

Dandruff is not only a cosmetic problem. Running dandruff can lead to serious diseases of the hair, until their loss. Therefore, to treat dandruff you need in a timely manner.

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