Causes of dandruff and methods of dealing with it

One of the most serious enemies of beautiful hair is dandruff that forms on the scalp peel from grayish-white scales, which blocks the access of air to the roots of the hair. If time does not resolve the problem, the hair can become weak and lifeless, very thin and too brittle.

Today, fortunately, to combat dandruff cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies offer many products for people with different tastes and wallet sizes. To resolve this unpleasant phenomenon as dandruff is also possible with the help of latest technology and national recipes.

People with dandruff may not feel confident. "Snow" on the head of spoils the mood, prevents career and personal life. Generally, the problem of occurrence of whitish scales is inside the human body. To the question "what causes dandruff?" you can give a variety of answers. Dandruff often arises in metabolism, in turn, is caused by a hormonal imbalance. Especially often problems with the scalp occur in adolescents, as well as people leading unhealthy lifestyle, eating harmful foods, often exposed to stress. Flakes of dandruff can be caused by the wrong selection of shampoo.

Microscopic fungus that causes dandruff, constantly lives on the scalp. It is not an effect, while in the human body all right, but as soon as a failure occurs, it begins to multiply quickly and stop it, sometimes, can be very difficult.

Doctors trichologist distinguish two types of dandruff: oily and dry. Dry scales is dead skin cells that exfoliate faster by improper metabolism. They tend to stick together, to settle on the hair, the clothes. If the grease from the sebaceous glands produce too abundantly on the surface of the head is formed of a dense film of oily dandruff, hair becomes dull, unhealthy look, there are so-called "icicles". As for dry and oily dandruff shown medical treatment. Cosmetic products, usually do not allow to achieve the desired effect.

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To combat the visible signs of dandruff is a senseless waste of time. It is important to take the time to not only treat disease, but also to eliminate the causes that caused its appearance. If dandruff cannot show any special shampoos or with the help of folk prescriptions, you should consult a specialist who will help you choose the right treatment.

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