Causes and ways to cure cellulite

How much grief causes of female self-esteem "orange peel" or as we used to say - cellulite. So, to combat this unpleasant phenomenon. First, it should identify the reasons, which causes cellulite.

The first and most common reason is improper diet. The modern rhythm of life, the swiftness and haste lead many ladies in fast food restaurants or forced to settle for snacking on the go. Also in this key causes and irregular food intake: here and refusal Breakfast and late lunch and late dinner. Because to get rid of cellulite in addition to the cosmetic use of diet, fasting days, develop the power scheme that is most adapted to your way of life and are good for you and your figure.

The second reason is sedentary sedentary lifestyle. Our skin also requires a warm-up and dynamics, as well as our muscles. We need to move more, to do sports and then cellulite is really doomed to disappear from our lives.

The third reason is the lack of oxygen in cells. To provide cellular respiration massage in combination with cosmetics.

As we understand, a very important systematic approach, therefore let your methods of dealing with the "orange peel" will be your job. Get rid of cellulite will help the TOP-5 most effective ways.


Wonderful effect on blood circulation, helps to establish processes of cellular respiration. Anti-cellulite massage is quite a painful procedure, but believe me, a few courses this procedure will help you get closer to the cherished dream of a beautiful body.

Water aerobics

The combination is useful to very useful. Because water aerobics result in your muscles, energizes, and helps make skin fresh, gives a relaxed look and confidence, and this is a step to success.

Bath and sauna

Choose what you like. Importantly, the visit to bath or sauna twice a week give a stunning effect and for health and for beauty. The skin is tightened, gets rid of internal contamination. Bath has wonderful moisturizing and toning effect also removes toxins from the body.


In conjunction with fitness and massage - is the key to success. Indeed creams, scrubs and masks have a good anti-cellulite properties, moreover, the skin becomes more youthful and elastic. Ten days of intensive beauty therapy - and the result will please you.


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Chocolate, seaweed, mud... This and much more, offer the beauty and not for nothing, these procedures remove toxins, purify, make the skin taut and contribute to the processes of recovery and renewal.

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