Causes and types of pain in the kidneys

Discomfort in the kidneys may appear in various diseases of the body, and quite often these diseases are not associated with the kidneys. To determine the correct diagnosis, first of all, you need to pass the tests and get advice from professionals, primarily nephrologist.

Pain in the kidneys can carry a variety of character.

Aching pain

Urological diseases, drinking excessive amounts of fluid, the presence of chronic pyelonephritis, tuberculosis, and even pregnancy can occur in the kidneys aching pain. If the pain is due to the above conditions, they appear in the Rhea quick movement, shaking and making a horizontal position.

Drawing pain

Muscle strain, injury cause pulling pain even at rest. After some time, the pain stops, but you should not make sudden movements to the painful condition has not returned. Some days you want to spend in bed.

Possible drawing pain and loss kidney, but in this case, the pain will only increase, which means an urgent appeal to the doctor.

Sharp pain

If suddenly there is a sharp pain in the kidneys, you should call an ambulance and try not to move. In no event it is impossible to take pain medications to the doctor for pain could determine the cause and location of pain. Cause a sharp pain may be an ectopic pregnancy, an attack of pancreatitis or appendicitis. If pain is severe only receive shpy or Baralgina.

Severe pain

Wavy manifestation of pain, impact of pain in the genitals and belly speaks of renal colic. Additional symptoms: impaired urination, nausea and diarrhea, dizziness, pain in the kidneys. In this case, you must ASAP seek medical help.

Severe pain can occur after severe stress. In any case, in severe pain, the doctor's advice is necessary.

Acute pain

Colicky pain radiating to the lower back, the hip is the symptoms of renal colic, which often arise from any load. Often the pain goes away as quickly as it had appeared, but sometimes remains dull pain, a condition in which it escalates, then again muted. This condition can last for several days, because of the diagnosis it is necessary to make analyses.

Dull pain

Problems with internal organs, spinal injuries, diseases of small pelvis in women - it's all possible with a dull pain. Mostly dull pain indicates chronic diseases of the body.

Possible pain of this nature and with the omission of the kidneys. Then a painful condition occurs when coughing, standing, physical loads, but you only have to take a sleeping state on the back or side, as the pain off, and when lying on the stomach, on the contrary, increases.

Throbbing pain indicates the presence of pyelonephritis in the acute or chronic stage.

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If the pain in the kidneys available, the consultation of the nephrologist required.

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