Causes and treatment of migraine

Migraine is a neurological disease that can be recognized by severe pain, localized in one part of the head. Especially affected are those people whose work is associated with increased mental activity. In women, the attacks are more frequent than in men. Very carefully should behave pregnant ladies, so as to find the sparing drug migraine is very difficult.

Causes of migraine attacks

People located to migraines, seizures can occur from excessive doses of alcohol. Also severe headache may occur after overeating sweets or flour. The risk of attack will increase several times, if people will be extremely excited, angry or upset. In addition to alcoholic beverages provocateur could be the caffeine, smoked a cigarette or dairy products with high fat content. Women often suffer from migraine during menstruation, breast-feeding or early menopause. Seizures may occur due to regular sleep and Vice versa after a long sleep.

People who are prone to meteochuvstvenosti suffering migraine attacks during bursts of atmospheric pressure, and when the temperature and humidity. Those who frequently suffer from migraines, you should try to avoid:

- violations of the daily routine and habitual diet

- great holidays and events with loud music, lots of food and alcohol

- trips, which are accompanied by motion sickness

- stay in the mountains

- dehydration

Methods of treatment of migraine

First of all it is important to remember that to get rid of the weak attack you without drugs. This can help cool shower, shampooing, massage the neck and the temporal lobe. Will remove and prevent further pain yoga class. However, when severe pain without medication is necessary. Migraine drugs are produced in the form of suppositories and tablets. Of course, pills to take much more convenient, but at a spasm of the stomach, they will be useless. In this case, you can take absorbable drug - Panadol.

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For fast and effective assistance, you can take aspirin or non-steroidal triptan. Unfortunately, like most drugs, they have a contraindication, which you should examine just before use.

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