Causes and treatment of inflammation of the rectum

Proctitis is a disease caused by inflammation of the mucous membrane of the rectum. The main symptoms of the disease are:

- burning sensation in the anus;

- itching and weeping in the rectal area;

- during the stool excreted mucus, and in rare cases and false desires.

Inflammation of the rectum may be due to various reasons:

The violation mode, the power consumption of a large number of hot dishes and spices, as well as excessive alcohol consumption can cause proctitis;

Persons suffering from constipation (resulting in a not eating right), but not conducting the treatment in a timely manner at risk of the disease;

Development of proctitis can contribute to various sexually transmitted diseases, a weakened immune system, parasites (dysenteric amoeba, Trichomonas, balanidae), hemorrhoids, anal fissures, abscesses red space, disease neighboring organs (prostate, candidiasis, cystitis and other). Also proctitis may occur in severe hypothermia.

Upon detection of the symptoms of inflammation of the rectum, it is important to immediately consult a doctor because these symptoms appear and for rectal cancer. Diseases of the rectum concern of Coloproctology, so you can go to the centre of Coloproctology, or to the appropriate doctor. For the diagnosis, examination, rectal examination, rectoscopy, a biopsy of the mucosa, seeding Kala (the composition of the intestinal microflora), cytological examination of the gut contents.

Treatment of proctitis depending on the cause and stage of the disease

In the early stages of inflammation of the rectum are prescribed bed rest and diet with the exception of diet, spicy and fatty foods, spices, alcoholic beverages.

Severe proctitis treated stationary. In addition to bed rest and diet is anti-inflammatory therapy, including the prescription of antibiotics and sulfonamides, which are selected with regard to the planting of feces. By reducing acute inflammation applied micro (for example, with an infusion of chamomile), warm shower perineum, the adoption of sedentary baths with a 0.01% solution of potassium permanganate.

Chronic proctitis outpatient treatment, but it is better sanatorium. To ensure assigned mud baths, bowel lavage with mineral water Borjomi, Essentuki), which help remove mucus and enhance motor function of the colon. It is also used massage, gymnastics abdominals (generation fixed reflex defecation) for the treatment of constipation.

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In rare cases of proctitis (cicatricial narrowing of the bowel) is assigned to surgical treatment.

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