Causes and symptoms of acute bronchitis

Acute bronchitis is an inflammation of the bronchi caused by exposure to infection or irritation of the bronchial mucosa by inhalation of corrosive vapors or gases. Often the trigger mechanism of the disease is cooling. Acute bronchitis can be an independent disease or a symptom of other diseases, such as influenza.

The main symptom of acute bronchitis is a persistent cough, often accompanied by fever and a feeling of heaviness and soreness in the sternum. In addition to local manifestations, there may be deterioration of health, which is characteristic for infectious diseases. In elderly and debilitated patients the severe bronchitis, and all the symptoms are brighter. When listening to the lungs may be dry or moist rales.

Acute bronchitis is a severe disease that rarely resolves on its own, and often requires long-term treatment. Pain bronchitis can turn into a chronic form, which is a dangerous violation of bronchial patency, and therefore, the occurrence of emphysema and other severe complications.

The supervision of a physician for the treatment of bronchitis mandatory and severe forms of the disease, manifested by fever and malaise, require bed rest. To eliminate the infection, the doctor will prescribe sulfa drugs or antibiotics, will write antitussive or expectorant drugs, will be sent to physiotherapy. If you feel bad, then before you go for the pills, it is better to know the availability of medicines at the pharmacy on the phone, and then go and them, once again not to go outside.

At the first signs of the disease beneficial use of high doses of multivitamins, to relieve cough will help warm the milk with soda or alkaline mineral water, for example, Borjomi. During treatment it is necessary to restrict Smoking and to provide the patient fresh air to facilitate the work of the bronchi.

To speed up the healing process will help fees medicinal plants such as the roots of the marshmallow and licorice, flowers, chamomile, plantain leaves and mother-and-stepmother, the fruits of anise. Charges are applied orally and by inhalation.

Comprehensive treatment initiated in the early stages, will help to achieve rapid and complete cure, but self-treatment is unacceptable. The uncontrolled use of antimicrobial drugs may be ineffective, and their side effects will cause harm to the body. On the contrary, the refusal of antibiotics and can only rely on folk remedies can cause hidden in the bronchi, unhealed infections.

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For the prevention of acute bronchitis, you need a total body training, Smoking cessation and prevention of other factors that cause bronchial irritation.

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