Cause speech disorders in boys high testoterone

The boys, who until then had been born with a high level of the male hormone testosterone, are in the group double the risk of delays in speech development.

12 percent of babies experiencing delays in speech development, " says the study's lead author Andrew Whitehouse comments from the University of Western Australia. Although the start time of the development of speech varies in different people, the General trend men later develop more slowly. Than women.

Australian researchers have noted that boys with problems in speech testosterone was 10 times higher than in girls, and that can be the key to understanding the root of speech problems in children.

The study analyses were taken from umbilical cord blood at 767 infants who were tested for testosterone levels. Language as the ability of the children was assessed in year two and three years.

It was found that males with high testosterone level speech delay met two times more often than girls. For girls high testosterone levels did not involve such a high percentage of risk.

The reason for this dependence is still not clear to scientists.

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