Cause anorexia can brain anomalies

This statement was put forward by scientists, after research anorexics through the machine for a brain scan. Some patients represented age category for a total of eight years, on their pages, writes The Times of India.

"We believe that at first sight invisible problems in the early stages of development of the human brain makes it prone to anorexically manifestations. Based on these data, it is necessary to check the brain for the presence of markers and other mental disabilities," says Jan Frampton psychologist at the University of Exeter.

Supervised by the relevant research Brian Lusk is Professor Children's hospital great Ormond Street, which specialises in behavioural disorders nutritional nature. B. Foreplay together with his colleagues used a new technique of scanning, which identified that anorexia abnormally functioning islet brain. This area and maintains control of food intake, anxiety and perception of the body.

Due to the fact that problems remain even after weight gain, defect developed long before the occurrence of the disease. As suggested by Professor Caresses: "This discovery will give the opportunity to develop a therapy that gets rid of the disease once and for all. But, while up to 40 percent of former anorexic for the year anyway, back to the diet that was before."

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