The simplest test for the determination of a developing cataract is read in poor light. If a person is more comfortable to read in twilight than in a well-lit place, this may be the first sign of clouding of the lens of the eye. This is a serious issue urgently to address to the ophthalmologist, as a cataract can lead to complete vision loss.

Cataract is called clouding of the lens of the eye. The lens - it is a natural lens that receives light and through which the rays are refracted. It is located between the iris and the vitreous body and actually, thanks to the presence in the eye of the lens, we are able to see. In most cases, a cataract developing in the elderly. From 60-70 year old people, according to statistics, every second has cataracts. And 80 years, almost all suffer from this disease in varying degrees. Indeed, in his youth, lens clean, flexible and transparent, and with age begins to lose its elasticity and becomes cloudy. When cataract man sees blurred, fuzzy objects. Moreover, the scope of turbidity begins from the center, increasing and gradually leading to complete blindness.

Cataracts may also occur at any other age. The causes may be trauma, complications of disease, prolonged use of certain medications, endocrine diseases (diabetes), radiation, pollution, poisoning some highly toxic substances (mercury, naphthalene, thallium, dinitrophenol) and eye diseases (glaucoma, high myopia) and genetic disorders.

As noted above, the first symptoms of a cataract can be defined independently. If a person is easier to see small text at dusk than in bright light, you should be examined by a doctor. In good light the pupils constrict. Because of the muddy part of the lens is located in the center, with constriction of the pupil of the man sees worse. And the man sees the outside world as if in a fog. In progressive cataract eyes can cause stains, streaks, the image can duplicate. The pupil also changes color from black to white.

Ophthalmologist, diagnosing a disease, will examine the fundus of the eye, and also will lead biomicroscopy of the eye examination using a slit lamp).

Different people have cataract may develop with different duration. Rapidly progressive cataract 4-6 years can lead to blindness. 70% of the patients, the crystalline lens becomes cloudy on average within 10 years.

Although cataract is a serious disease in modern medicine, it is simply treated. One has only to understand will not help any exercise or medication. Cataracts can be cured only by surgery. The lens is a natural lens, it has no blood vessels or nerve endings. During the operation, the doctor changes the cloudy lens on a new, transparent. Almost immediately after the implantation of the person can clearly see. In addition, thanks to modern technology, the new lens can be chosen so as to adjust the already existing human problems with vision - to deliver him from hyperopia or myopia.

Implantation of artificial lens is possible only at the stage of the disease when the sight is not yet completely lost, so not hesitate to address to the doctor and have surgery. Especially since it takes place under local anesthesia and is easily tolerated by patients of all ages.

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