Cataract diagnosis and treatment of diseases

In ancient Greece, this disease was called waterfall or they this name is preserved up to our days. However, one should not minimize the risk of disease, which is hidden behind such a euphonious name. Basically, this disease affects old people. What happens when cataract with our vision? The device human eye contains a lens that transmits light pulses and allows you to instantly focus on subjects that are at different distance from the person. When cataract is the loss of transparency and elasticity of the crystalline lens of the eye. Vision begins to lose clarity and over the years can lead to complete blindness. There are various kinds of cataracts, but often lead to disease among those factors:

- hereditary factor. Close relatives had this disease.

- damage to the eyes

- diseases of the eye

- disorder of metabolism (diabetes is a very high risk of cataract development)

- moved the irradiation of the eye

- side effects of certain medications

- Smoking

- poisoning toxins


No wonder the ancient Greeks used this name for this disease. Indeed, a man who develops a cataract, the vision grows dim, and he begins to see the surroundings through the waterfall. There is no possibility to focus my vision on small details, objects acquire an iridescent halo. The pupil of the eye begins to change light and completely changes its color to white. These are the main symptoms of cataract, but to define what you exactly cataract only practicing professional with high skills. We cannot do without a thorough examination of the ocular fundus. Moreover, it is necessary to conduct several different tests to identify the disease cataracts. In order to detect disease at early stages should be regularly examined by an ophthalmologist. As well as access to such doctor if you notice any of the above symptoms.


Using ultrasonic phacoemulsification. During this operation changes the natural lens of the eye to its synthetic counterpart. Today this operation is painless and helps to stop the progression of vision loss. No need to wait until the lens is completely dark and cataracts get to the last stage. Today it is possible to conduct such operations at any stage of the disease.

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