Cataract, cataract treatment

A cataract is a partial or complete opacity of the crystalline lens. Depending on the nature, location opacities and time of development there are many clinical forms.

Congenital cataract is most often hereditary, combined with various defects of the eyes and other organs, rarely progresses. The treatment of all varieties of congenital cataract only online.

Acquired cataract is caused by metabolic disorders, circulatory, endocrine disorders, intoxications and traumas and diseases of the eye. Depending on the etiology there are senile (age), diabetes, dermalogen (in sclerodermia, neurodermite), radiation (harmful effects of ionizing radiation), toxic, traumatic and complicated cataracts (develops as a result of glaucoma, intraocular tumors, retinal detachment). All forms of acquired cataract progressive, characterized by progressive loss of visual acuity, in the last stage to light perception. Eyes calm, painless.

Cataract treatment in Israel may be conservative and operative. Conservative (medical) treatment is used in the detection of cataracts in the early stages. Using eye drops containing vitamins, amino acids and trace elements, which prevent further disease progression.

In other stages use surgical treatment. During surgery, the cloudy lens is replaced with an artificial. In modern surgery, the following types of cataract surgery:

- extracapsular cataract extraction. The crystalline lens is removed with preservation of the back of his capsule.

- intracapsular cataract extraction. Used rarely in the form of severe trauma. Damaged lens goes through a large incision with the help of cryoextraction.

- ultrasound phacoemulsification. The fragmentation of the lens ultrasonic vibrations and excretion lenticular masses.

laser phacoemulsification. The destruction of the cataract-laser - allows you to break up the cataract with a dense core, avoiding unnecessary trauma.

Modern eye microsurgery allows phacoemulsification without stitches, which gives the patient an opportunity not to limit physical and visual load. Vision begins to recover immediately after surgery.

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Cataract treatment abroad has enabled many patients to restore vision.

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