Cat parasite makes people rage

Infection with toxoplasmosis can cause the person unreasonable fits of rage. This behavior is typical of predators, including domestic cats, are the main disseminators of the parasite Toxoplasma.

Researchers from the University of Chicago attempted to understand how Toxoplasma affects human body and what processes it is. "Our study shows that infection with Toxoplasma can alter the chemistry of the brain so that it grows the risk of aggressive behavior," says Emil Coccaro, author of the study.

Scientists have discovered a correlation between Toxoplasma infection and aggressiveness. Note that correlation is not causality. It is possible that the mechanisms of interaction between virus and the human nervous system is more complicated than you think experts.

"The reason may be in the inflammatory response to infection, or even in the feedback: for example, more aggressive individuals prefer to have a cat or maybe most often eaten poorly cooked meat", - they suppose.

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