Cat lovers the bowl face with glaucoma – the scientists

Glaucoma in the blood increases the level of immunoglobulin E. This compound is produced by contact with cats and cockroaches. The level of immunoglobulin increases in asthma and hay fever. Interestingly, dog owners, on the contrary, have reduced the risk of glaucoma, The Daily Mail reports.

1678 volunteers 50-70 years were a test to determine allergies to dust mites, dogs, cats, rodents and cockroaches. 5% of physicians showed signs of glaucoma. Among this group of 14.3% was allergic to cats, from 19.1 per cent in cockroaches. Similar reaction was observed only every tenth volunteer without glaucoma.

Immunoglobulin E on the coat of dogs has increased only 6% of subjects with glaucoma, among people without the disease index was 9%. Dog hair, scientists believe, has less potential in the formation of allergic reactions.

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