Casual sex is equally attractive for men and women

Scientists from the Johannes Gutenberg University in Germany believe that differences in sexual behaviour of men and women not as much as it might seem at first glance. Casual sex, according to experts, is equally attractive for both men and women.

60 volunteers used social network for meeting new people, and scientists monitored the activity and behavior of the subjects. In the second stage, people were shown pictures of beautiful people with a Dating site and offered to meet with them or have sex.

Scientists assumed that in such a venture interested in men anymore. In practice, things turned out differently: the number of men and women ready for a date or sex with a stranger was about the same. Note, at the time of the experiment, the volunteers were not in a relationship, so the fear of condemnation or disclosure of infidelity was absent.

The behavior of men and women acquires within defined boundaries and cliches. So, women, according to society, always made a chaste strong half of mankind and carefully choose a sex partner. In fact, the behavior of the two sexes is about the same.

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