Cash payments to donors will be returned

The Ministry of health of the Russian Federation has prepared a draft amendment to the law On the donation". Under the new law, donors, as before, will be able to receive monetary compensation for the donation of blood, instead of power. This was stated by RIA "Novosti" Director of the Federal medical and biological Agency of the Russian Federation (the Federal medical-biological Agency) Vladimir Uiba.

It should be noted that earlier Vladimir Putin during a Congress of all-Russian people's front recommended that the Ministry of health to reconsider the possibility to return to the system of monetary compensation to donors, instead of providing power. Then the Russian President noted that the country's financial payments, even if small, they play a significant role. Putin also expressed doubt that without the incentive in the form of monetary compensation you will be able to provide the necessary number of donors, and so he asked the head of the Ministry of health Veronika Skvortsova to amend the legislation to address this gap.

In addition, Vladimir Uiba noted that during the discussion of the law were aware of the possibility of returning to paid donation. That is why today we have prepared a draft order of the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation, which makes adjustments and extends the power and monetary compensation. The decision he explained by the fact that in this case, the donor will be given the freedom of choice: either to eat or to receive monetary payments, the size of which is similar to the cost of the supplied power. It should also be noted that the payments already specified in the applicable today the law.

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