Cash payments to donors for the blood returned

Cancel payment to the donor, which was adopted this year, was so ineffective that the leadership of the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation there was nothing left to do but to abandon it. Thus, donors for blood donation will be, as before, to obtain monetary compensation. The new decree of the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation, which was published on Wednesday, 8th may, says that now the donors who give blood for the salvation of seriously ill or injured, have the right to choose a hot meal or cash payments.

The amount of monetary compensation remains as before: 5 percent of the subsistence minimum, which operates in the region, home of the donor. Recall that the cash payments were abolished under the new law from January of the current year. The result was that if earlier per 100 ml of blood donor received 650 rubles, and for complex transfusion of about 4500 rubles, under the new law, the maximum that he relied is hot free lunch.

Was specially developed and approved by separate order of the Ministry of health, the diet provided to donors. It consisted of 150 grams of beef, 50 grams ham, 60 grams of red fish, 250 grams of potatoes, plus coffee, tea, juice, mineral water or milk to choose from.

The adoption of this law has left a negative imprint on the work of medical institutions in the country. The number of donors has decreased dramatically in the regions started deficiency of plasma and other blood components, and the situation began to represent a serious threat to people's health.

Trying somehow to get out of the crisis, some local governments began to register in his budget incentives. At the same time, the Ministry of health spent money on promoting free donation. If last year was allocated for these purposes 116 million, in the current already spent 180 million All the above facts have forced officials to return to the old-fashioned way, namely: monetary compensation for the blood.

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