Cases of sexually transmitted diseases in the elderly

There has recently been a growth of sexually transmitted diseases in people over 50 years. A recent poll in USA in age from 57 to 64 years, showed that 73 percent of respondents actively live sexual life.

Scientists believe that the increased activity of the sex life in old age has become possible due to improved communication between older people, the development of new drugs to enhance potency and so on, While venereal disease all ages and social advertising and educational process for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases is aimed at young people.

Dr. Cynthia Morton and his colleagues at the University of Florida conducted a study on knowledge of women older than 50 years about sexual health. The researchers found that older women, of course, aware of the risk of Contracting sexually transmitted diseases, but they feel uncomfortable receiving any knowledge of the intimate area, in addition they are afraid to go into conflict with partners, asking him to use condom.

This study shows the need for the design and implementation of social projects aimed at increasing the knowledge of older people about the risks associated with intimate relationships and ways of preventing them.

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Source: The Journal of Consumer Affairs and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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