Cases of poisoning in children drug

The number of children who are in the hospital and the emergency Department because of an overdose of drugs has increased dramatically in recent years in the United States.

The growth of such cases was so high that the U.S. centers for control and prevention of diseases has created the office for the prevention of unwanted overdose of medicines in children.

Every year, according to Dr. Renald bond, doctor for emergency medical care, the problem of poisoning of children is becoming more serious. A large proportion of poisonings accounted for medicines prescribed on the prescription, and in 71 cases, they cause considerable damage to health of the child. The opioids, which are most often assigned against pain and sedative, to stabilize sleep, drugs to treat cardiovascular diseases - these are the most dangerous for children medication. Prevention efforts poisoning while unsuccessful, the levels of accidents has not decreased.

Probably, pharmaceutical companies need to complicate packaging of dangerous drugs to children were not able to independently open.

Dr. bond has studied 453 559 cases treatment of parents with children up to five years from poisoning by drugs . Most often the damage and deaths were caused by the fact that the child unattended himself found and ate the pill bugs dosage were extremely rare.

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To increase the number of such cases can be accused of growth in the number of drugs around small children, at the moment, more than half of adults take at least one prescription prescription medication in the United States.

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