Cases of poisoning by mushrooms in Ukraine

According to the Ministry of health of Ukraine, the country became more frequent cases of poisoning by mushrooms, most cases associated with the use of poisonous agaric mushrooms, pale mushroom that looks like mushrooms and Russula.

Poison can and undercooked or uncooked raw mushrooms that grew along the routes and in the contaminated areas, because in many regions of Ukraine pale grebe simply not growing. Remember, in the preparation of fungi are important heat treatment. Even if you've cooked mushrooms, but not poured the broth, harmful substances may still be poisoning your body.

Here are a few tips on how not to poison wild mushrooms:

Better to abandon mushrooms in General and to use only specially grown mushrooms that are sold in stores.

Do not buy mushrooms on the second-hand markets and on the road from sellers, it is better to buy them in fixed markets, where sanitary control.

If you still decided to go for mushrooms, never put in a basket fungus, in which you have doubts. Do not pick mushrooms around the track and on the contaminated territories. During drought mushrooms also accumulate toxins and even edible mushrooms can be dangerous.

Doctors warn that the poisoning inedible mushrooms mainly is fatal even with the broad capabilities of modern medicine! Even the lowest dose of poison can be fatal, which is why wash your hands thoroughly after collecting mushrooms - you could touch the poisonous varieties.

Doctors do not get tired to warn you - do not let children mushrooms. Among those who have suffered this year from poisoning also have children at age one, to save them is almost impossible! Do not expose their children to such a risk.

If you feel unwell after eating mushrooms - immediately call an ambulance. Her expectation is recommended to wash out the stomach two liters of a solution of potassium permanganate and to do a cleansing enema.

Important tip: do not throw away half-eaten mushrooms that you were poisoned, their analysis can help treat and advise physicians view poisoned you poison.

Residents of Ukraine, near Kiev often thin paxil, many mushroom lovers often it is collected, however, this type of mushroom is deadly, it can cause an allergic reaction, which will lead to blood disorders. We ask you to refrain from eating this mushroom.

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