Carrot juice in large quantities is bad for health

Many nutritionists with confidence about how helpful carrot juice. But it is not so. Drinking carrot juice in large quantities can cause food intoxication with all the attendant sad consequences. Plus, some chronic diseases create in the human body predisposition to perceive the individual substances contained in carrot juice.

Doctors recommend that diabetics not to eat more than 250 grams of carrot juice every week, because carrots contain a large number of different types of sugar. If you frequently use carrot juice creates an additional burden on the pancreas, which is undesirable. In addition, doctors are advised not to drink this juice in patients with acute pancreatitis, as well as people with intestinal diseases.

Carrot juice has many differences from other vegetable and fruit juices, and first of all is the taste. Often in carrot juice add the cream to the drink is better digested. But in this case it is necessary to have a sense of proportion, as in excessive amounts, a person can begin headaches, and his condition will be generally unsatisfactory. You may experience nausea and vomiting.

The presence of carrot juice large amounts of beta carotene conducts to change of skin tone that can run destructive processes. In order to avoid such consequences, it is recommended not to drink carrot juice more often two or three times a week.

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