Carriers of dangerous bacteria recognized paper towels

Serious threat to health carry paper towels in public restrooms, established by researchers from Laval University. Not used towels researchers have found bacteria that cause various diseases.

Pathogens, respectively, have the ability to get on hands even after washing procedure, says WebMD. In a situation of extreme danger abide by hospitals with a pronounced low immunity.

Experts were tested paper towels 6 grades, and in all samples were found bacteria. But especially notable was the towels, which went fibers obtained during the processing of secondary raw materials (bacteria in the raw materials from 100 to 1000 times greater than in the towel, which went raw materials).

Analysis often reveals the presence of the bacteria Bacillus, which produce a toxin that causes food poisoning. Researchers also discovered the bacterium Bacillus cereus causing infectious diseases of the eyes, lungs, Central nervous system and blood.

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It should be said that scientists have found bacteria "living" secondary paper products. In this production bacteria can be hard to reproduce, because the ingredients are linking fiber (like starch) are here as food for bacteria. Now the researchers want to find out what bacteria are inhabited kitchen towels and facial tissue.

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