Carnival lens - change the way

When creating any image, not only scenic, but also, for example, masquerade, we should not forget about such things as changing the shape and color of the pupils. Carnival lens mogut you. Their popularity is due to availability and low price products. Also there is a huge number of variants of their design from purple lenses used in the creation of vampire images, to lenses that have the characteristic of cats vertical pupil, and from classic thorns, having the form of a "wind rose", to the ultra-instances (for example, the symbol "caution radiation").

One of the main conditions that should be considered if you intend to use carnival lenses, is the need for preparatory operations. In particular, they are important to humans for the first time using this product. You can't just wear lenses and go on holiday. Their use should be gradual. It is recommended that the following sequence of actions. The first day of using the lenses can be spent on the training of their installation and removal. After gaining confidence in performing this procedure, you can proceed to the next step, which consists in the adaptation of the eye to wearing lenses. While wearing lenses during the second day should be limited to one hour. It is advisable not to exceed the specified time period in order to avoid strong pressure on the eye. On the third day time of wearing you can increase up to three hours. It is recommended to be in the conditions expected at the celebration of light.

Also we should not forget about the accessories needed for a comfortable use and storage carnival lenses. Therefore, when the acquisition will also need a container for storing lenses, the solution in which they are stored, tweezers to install them and drops for the eyes, relieving their tension. The need for these items arise due to the possibility of a prolonged use of contact lenses. Store lenses recommended container filled with hydrating solution, and set in a cool dark place.

Compliance with the terms of use makeup when wearing lenses will avoid such unpleasant consequences as eye irritation. When it occurs, people automatically rubs his eyes, and this can cause a loss of the lens. Therefore, it is prohibited while wearing lenses to apply makeup to the inner contour of the eye.When using any type of lenses should not forget that the time they wear should not exceed 10 hours, otherwise significantly increase the load on the eyes beyond their optimal value. Also, remember that the technology and materials used by different manufacturers for the manufacture of lenses may vary. Therefore, when using some lenses a person may not experience any uncomfortable sensations, while the transition is accompanied by eye irritation. Therefore, the selection of the right lens is the most important step, prior to their acquisition.

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