Caring wife will help bring her husband's depression and to keep the family together

Very often the psychological state of man depends on the wife. In addition, scientists have found that psychological comfort and strength of the family often depends also from women. If the husband became depressed, which certainly has an impact on children, it is only the mother of the family is able to maintain family integrity and prevent all kinds of disappointments.

Experts from the University of Illinois concluded that only because of the good relationship between husband and wife will be able to establish relationships in the doldrums of the father of the family with their offspring. If depression was a woman, everything is much more difficult as caring husband cannot return to her former interest in children's issues and education.

Scientists believe that man and woman perceive and react to the same problem in different ways, including on the emergence of their depression. Paradoxically, attempts husband to help being depressed wife, will only worsen the situation. The woman will fall into an even greater state of depression, and stop caring about their children's problems. The man, on the contrary, the necessary assistance and support of the wife, and if this does not happen, they are even more alienated from the family. Here the woman must use all their experience and wisdom, and try to feel the impending storm and to smooth over the situation that could destroy her family.

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